Our best projects are where we work together with clients. We really like to listen. You have ideas about what you want, and we make them happen. We are not in the business of telling you what you like, and what you want. Instead, we like to extract the essence of the design from out of you, listening intently all the time, and working to create a wonderful, coherent, exciting home out of that process.

Our firm has been here in Brevard, North Carolina for thirty years, designing mostly homes. We are very familiar with the construction industry in this corner of our state, and we have helped clients build everything from weekend cabins to homes they can comfortably retire into. We know how to take the best advantage of your land and your views, your sun exposure and your budget.

And, if you look through the photographs of our work, you will see that we do not specialize in one style of architecture, either. We have a broad understanding of architectural styles, and we want your home to reflect your taste.