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The Right Bones

The Right Bones

Many people are finding that it is much more cost effective to buy an existing house and add on to it and renovate it. But you have to start out with “the Right Bones”. There are many things that you can change about a home, but you cannot easily change the height of the walls. You can add some height to your ceiling, if you are careful.

This is the living room of a wonderful mountain cabin in our area. It was in a great spot. It was very cozy. But the ceilings were eight feet tall, and this was very confining. We wanted to raise those ceilings, but we needed to keep from completely reframing and rebuilding the roof. So we removed all the ceiling joists and took the ceiling to the underside of the roof rafters. We added several windows to get in more light. And we painted most of the surfaces in light colors.


Now our cabin is very comfortable, and we didn’t spend a fortune adding on an entire room. Now you really want to spend some time in this Living Room.




And if you are curious as to what the exterior of the house looked like before we started, this was it.



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